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Detailed description of the history and monuments of the Capitoline Hill in antiquity, from the Capitoline Museums. Includes maps and photographs.



Diplomata sorted by emperors, provinces, auxiliary units. Aims to encourage private collectors to provide their diploma fragments for scientific evaluation.

MAV - Virtual Archaeological Museum


Will offer a tour of an exhibition dedicated to the ancient cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii. Includes details of the exhibits. [Italian and English]


This museum contains the largest grouping of Roman military altar stones and inscriptions from any site in Britain and unique examples of Celtic religious sculpture. The collection, which was begun by the Senhouse family in the 1570s, is the oldest in the country, and is of international importance.



This exhibition tells the story of the Roman presence in Scotland in the first and second centuries AD, with emphasis on the Antonine Wall frontier and the life lived by the soldiers based in forts along its line.



Trimontium was the name of the Three Hills Place - in the lee of the Eildon Hills one mile from the town of Melrose beside the village of Newstead in the Scottish Borders. In the 1st and 2nd centuries AD there grew up an enormous Romano-native complex - which lasted around 100 years.



In AD 75, the Romans built a fortress at Caerleon. Today at the National Roman Legion Museum you can learn what made the Romans a formidable force and how life wouldn't be the same without them.

The Kelsey Online


Welcome to the Kelsey Museum's on-line information source. Whether you are planning a visit to the galleries or are a student looking at objects from the Roman site of Karanis, Egypt we hope the information provided here improves your understanding of the material in our collections.


The Greek world from the beginning of the Bronze Age (about 3,500 BC), Italy from the Bronze Age (about 2200 BC) and the Roman World up until the 4th century AD.



Verulamium Museum is on the site of one the major cities in Roman Britain, now an attractive park. Invaded every second weekend in the month by Roman soldiers who demonstrate the tactics and equipment of the Roman Imperial Army. The Museum has an attractive shop selling high quality souvenirs and books with affordable pocket money items for children.

Segedunum Roman Fort, Baths and Museum


Segedunum is one of the most popular attractions on Hadrian's Wall. Lying at the eastern end of the Wall it was built so the Roman Army could afford a view between Pons Aelius (Newcastle Upon Tyne) and Arbeia (South Shields). It is the most excavated fort in Britain and lots of new information about the cavalry for example has been learnt from this site. Take a look here and learn exactly what you ...


The Archaeological Museum of Bologna is located in the ancient "Ospedale della Morte" (Death Hospital). It dates back to the XV century and was inaugurated in 1881. It contains the University collections, the Collection of Pelagio Palagi and the archaeological discoveries from Bologna and its surroundings exavations.

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