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ByzNet: Byzantine Studies on the Internet


Peter Dykhuis gives a brief overview, maps, images of art and coins, and a list of the emperors from 395 to 1453.

Richard Azia's Roman Civilisation


Started in 1996 following one of my numerous trips to Rome I felt that with the increasing amount of things I was learning at school I was beginning to be saturated and that without writing it down it may be lost. I began this part of the website when I was around 15-16 years old. It's five years later and the website is still working well.

Category:Roman History
Lepcis Magna - The Roman Empire in Africa


Dr Hafed Walda reports on the latest excavations of this amazingly preserved Roman city on the North African coast, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Welcome to The Roman Empire!


The legends say Rome was founded in 753 B.C. by the brothers Romulus and Remus. They were far descendents of Aenas, one of the few Trojan survivors of the Trojan War.

Category:Roman History
Ancient Warfare magazine


Ancient Warfare magazine is the only real paper magazine, and in full color at that, about all aspects of warfare in the Ancient World, from the earliest warfare in the Ancient Near East until the end of the Roman Empire in the west. Our focus lies on the classical Greek and Roman civilizations however.


David Aaronovitc explores everyday life in the Roman Empire, from the emperors of ancient Rome to life in the Empire away from ancient Rome in places such as Hadrian's Wall.

Category:Daily Life


Trimontium was the name of the Three Hills Place - in the lee of the Eildon Hills one mile from the town of Melrose beside the village of Newstead in the Scottish Borders. In the 1st and 2nd centuries AD there grew up an enormous Romano-native complex - which lasted around 100 years.



I took the photographs on this site myself, with very few exceptions. A catalog of several thousand photos (not slides, by the way), most of them of Roman and medieval remains, is available on this site. Researchers and teachers may find it useful

Category:Roman History
Anno Urbis - The Roman Empire Online


Anno Urbis - The Roman Empire Online. Information about the Roman Empire, its civilzation, history and achievements.

Category:Roman History
Imperial Rome


For discussion of the Roman Empire and Republic from the foundation myths to the fall of Constantinople. Also included are cultures that impacted on Rome such as the Greeks or Celts.



Mercury originated as the Roman god of commerce and was prayed to mainly by merchants. His name comes from the Latin word "mercari" meaning to deal or trade. Later he came to be associated with the Greek God Hermes, adding responsibility for messages to his duties.

Riley Collection of Roman Portrait Sculptures


Online catalog of the Roman portrait sculptures at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. Images from all angles and commentary on their historical and cultural context, with sources.

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