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Welcome to Roman Britain, a site with pages about the 367 years that Britain was Britannia, a province of the Roman Empire.

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Roman expert Guy de la Bédoyère has made available on-line the texts from the standard work 'Roman Inscriptions of Britain, vol.1.

The Romans in Britain - 100BC to AD450


The history of the Romans in Britain - 100BC to 450AD. Along with insights into Roman life, the military and how the Romans changed Britain. This site contains many fascinating articles about aspects of Roman life in Britain you never realised existed.

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Full text of Thomas Codrington's classic early 20C work provided online by Bill Thayer. Searchable. Italian, Spanish and French language versions available.

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In 58 BC, Julius Caesar became governor and military commander of the Roman province of Gaul, which included modern France, Belgium, and portions of Switzerland, Holland, and Germany west of the Rhine. For the next eight years, Caesar led military campaigns involving both the Roman legions and tribes in Gaul who were often competing among themselves. The story has been preserved in Caesar's accoun ...



Birdoswald Roman Fort has one of the most impressive locations for a Roman Fort on Hadrian's Wall. Set on a high spur overlooking the River Irthing the views are spectacular and it becomes very clear why the Romans built a fort on the site.



In legend Rome was founded in 753 BC by Romulus, its first king. In 509 BC Rome became a republic ruled by the Senate (wealthy landowners and elders) and the Roman people. During the 450 years of the republic Rome conquered the rest of Italy and then expanded into France, Spain, Turkey, North Africa and Greece.



Welcome to the North East’s best day out on Hadrian’s Wall. The Vindolanda Charitable Trust bring you two exciting and unmissable tourist attractions dramatically exploring Roman life on the edge of the empire 2000 years ago. Come and enjoy the world famous Vindolanda Writing Tablets, live archaeology in summertime, the exclusive Eagle Eye 3D film and much more all in the heart of beautiful Northu ...



Verulamium Museum is on the site of one the major cities in Roman Britain, now an attractive park. Invaded every second weekend in the month by Roman soldiers who demonstrate the tactics and equipment of the Roman Imperial Army. The Museum has an attractive shop selling high quality souvenirs and books with affordable pocket money items for children.



The RBO website now provides information about almost every Roman settlement, fort, camp and quarry in the entire British Isles. From the initial forays of Julius Caesar into Cantium (Kent) in 55/54BC, to the beginning of the fifth century AD, when Emperor Honorius informed Britannia that she must defend herself. RBO thus covers a chronological time-span of around half a millenium.



Caerleon was the site of one of Britain's three Roman Legionary Fortresses and many believe it to be the location of King Arthur's Camelot. In 830 AD Nennius listed Cair Lion as one of Britain's 33 cities. Nowadays it's a thriving village where past and present combine to delight both visitors and residents.



In 1994 the author began a study of the British section of a manuscript known as The Ravenna Cosmography. That section records place-names of Britain during the Roman occupation. It was determined that the original source map was marked with measured lines of latitude and longitude. Apparently quadrants (most often two degrees by one degree) were specially delineated, suggesting the existence of d ...

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BRIGANTIA home page


BRIGANTIA is a historical re-enactment society dedicated to the Pagan Tribes of Britain of the first century BC. Also known as 'The Celts'. Although our name comes from a northern tribe we are based around Portsmouth in Hampshire and travel around the UK and Europe performing public displays.

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