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The landscape and culture of Iron Age Britain changed dramatically when the Romans arrived in AD43. Considered to be a peripheral colony of the great Roman Empire, the invaders soon put their unmistakable stamp on the sprawling chaos of primitive settlements. 25 planned towns were created, legionary fortresses were strategically placed around the country, and long straight roads were laid down to ... - Imperial Fora Official Website - Rome, Italy

While visiting the Imperial Forum's area today, one finds oneself in front of spaces and remains of what were once piazzas, streets, and palaces 2000 years ago. Certainly, it is fascinating to know that certain rituals and activities took place in these areas, but it is difficult to imagine effectively the architectural structures. So here, we offer a computer graphic reconstruction of some of the ...

Maecenas: Images of Ancient Greece and Rome

Maecenas was the name of a wealthy ancient Roman and powerful politician, although he never held public office and preferred to work behind the scenes. He was able to do so because he was an intimate friend of the emperor Augustus. I have taken Maecenas and his art collection as a model for my collection of photographs of things Greek and Roman and given his name to my website.