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The Roman Army was a military organization employed by the Roman Kingdom, Roman Republic and later Roman Empire as part of the Roman military. Its main infantry constituent for much of its history was the Roman legion; (for a catalogue of individual legions, dates and deployments, see List of Roman legions). The army in the late Roman Empire consisted of about 375,000 men, organized hierarchically.

ARMAMENTARIVM: The Book of Roman Arms and Armour

ARMAMENTARIVM has the ultimate aim of providing an online successor to H. Russell Robinson's seminal volume The Armour of Imperial Rome, published in 1975 and long out of print.

Journal of Roman Military Equipment Studies

Dedicated to the Study of the Weapons, Armour, and Military Fittings of the Armies and Enemies of Rome and Byzantium

Lorica Segmentata

A resource devoted to articulated Roman plate armour.

Bishop and Coulston: Roman Military Equipment

The first edition of this book is now well and truly out of print, so if you want one, your only chance is to find a second-hand (pre-owned, previously enjoyed, or whatever other euphemism or synonym you chose) copy. However, if you have a little patience, all is not lost. A new, completely revised, edition is in preparation which will take into account all the latest finds since the original publ ...

Legio XX Valeria Victrix

Formed out of the legions of the late Republic as part of Augustus' new standing army, the Twentieth served on the western and northern frontiers - most notably in the suppression of the Pannonian revolt of AD6-9 - before being posted to the Rhine in the aftermath of the clades Variana. In AD43 it formed a part of Claudius' British invasion force and despite supplying troops for the continental ve ...


Not only for naval history buffs, but for all those who love the sea and the classics, and especially for those who, like me, are fascinated by Roman civilisation.

ROMEC: The Roman Military Equipment Conference

The first Roman Military Equipment Research Seminar was held in the Department of Ancient History and Classical Archaeology (now, sadly, defunct) at the University of Sheffield (GB) in 1983. It has since grown and now visits various international venues, but still retains the same goals as that first seminar: to further the study of Roman military equipment with contributions from professional or ...

Mike Bishop

So, here we are. I am a writer, publisher, and archaeologist who lives in Chirnside in the south-eastern corner of Scotland . I study the Romans, but am interested in all sorts of things... except perhaps other people's home pages.

Society of Ancient Military Historians Home Page

The Society of Ancient Military Historians is an organization dedicated to the promotion of the study of warfare in the Ancient World. Members sponsor and contribute to the publication of our newsletter, Res Militares. Our leadership works with and within the American Philological Association to arrange contact between our members and within the larger academic community.

The Roman Army Page


Vegetius' Epitoma Rei Militaris

I have long been working on a project to place the text, a translation, and a commentary on Vegetius' famous military work onto the Web, but until this mammoth task is completed (by the end of 1998, with any luck), those who need it can get access to the Latin text (Lang's 2nd edition of 1885). These are text (.txt) files, so you will need to use your browser's back button to return to this page. ...

Ancient Warfare magazine

Ancient Warfare magazine is the only real paper magazine, and in full color at that, about all aspects of warfare in the Ancient World, from the earliest warfare in the Ancient Near East until the end of the Roman Empire in the west. Our focus lies on the classical Greek and Roman civilizations however.