Resources and websites relating to Hungarian Roman Living History Groups, re-enactors and other enthusiasts, this category aims to be a comprehensive list of Hungarian Roman re-enactors.  

Legio Brigetio

The idea of founding a roman reenactment group came into mind first during a conversation at workplace in 1993. The original idea was the building of a roman ship which was later transformed into the concept of reviving roman military life once flourished in the legionary garrison of Brigetio. After conducting some historical research we chose Legio I Adiutrix as our forebear because they defended ...


Our Family was established in 1986, and has specialized on performing Roman Gladiator Games. We have participated at Roman festivals held abroad from 1990: we have performed in Italy, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland. The text of our acts is always presented in the language of the host country. The head of the Family is J?nos Weixelbaum. The members of the group a ...