Resources and websites relating to British Roman Living History Groups, re-enactors and other enthusiasts, this category aims to be a comprehensive list of British Roman re-enactors.

COMITATVS - Late Roman, Germanic and Romano-British Re-enactment

Comitatus is Britain's leading Late Roman re-enactment group helping to set a new standard in historical authenticity. Putting on events across the North and down into the Midlands, the group is able to bring to an event a complete living history presentation demonstrating the life and skills of the Late Roman army, including infantry, cavalry, archery, artillery and everyday life.

The Ermine Street Guard

The Ermine Street Guard is a society dedicated to research into the Roman Army and the reconstruction of Roman armour and equipment. The reconstructions are primarily from the latter half of the first century A.D. although equipment from other Roman periods is reproduced for experimental and display purposes. Since its formation in 1972 the Guard has become firmly established as the leading societ ...


Since its inception, over 15 years ago, LEG II AVG's military and civilian section has grown from strength to strength to become one of Europe?s pre-eminent Roman re-enactment groups. Today its displays encompass the full range of military and civil life? - artillery, engineers, mosaicists, aristocratic ladies, slaves, archers, sculptors, smiths, cavalry, medical staff, painters and an unrivalled ...

Legio XIIII Gemina Martia Victrix - Roman Military Research Society

Welcome to the updated homepage of the award - winning Roman Military Research Society and its display unit, the Vexillatio Legionis XIIII GMV.


Cast your mind's eye back through time to ancient Roman Britannia. The year is approximately AD 43, and the Great Roman Empire has virtually conquered the world, by force and by skill-at-arms. The Romans have built a formidable military machine, based on well-equipped, strictly disciplined forces, commanded by some of the greatest military minds in the history of mankind.

BRIGANTIA home page

BRIGANTIA is a historical re-enactment society dedicated to the Pagan Tribes of Britain of the first century BC. Also known as 'The Celts'. Although our name comes from a northern tribe we are based around Portsmouth in Hampshire and travel around the UK and Europe performing public displays.


The Colchester Roman Society was formed in the summer of 1987, initially as the Balkerne Gate Guard. The aim of the society was, and continues to be, research into and the recreation of equipment, training and lifestyles of the Roman military and civilians during the 1st and 2nd Centuries AD. Originally adopting the LEG XIIII GEMINA, in 1997 the society decided to concentrate on auxiliary units an ...


Cohors Quinta Gallorum is the name of a third century Roman re-enactment society based at the Roman fort of Arbeia at South Shields. The group recreates both the military and civilian life of the early third century (around 230 A.D). This period is neither early or late empire and reflects the changes which occurred from the late second to the late third century in the clothes, equipment, weapons ...

Legio VIII Augusta MGV

Legio VIII Augusta was formed originally in North Wales. From small beginnings, our membership is now also drawn from much of England, and beyond. We are now counted by our peers to be amongst the top re-enactment societies representing our chosen period.