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Ancient Roman religion encompasses the collection of beliefs and rituals practised in ancient Rome in the form of cult practices. It is therefore the practical counterpart of Roman mythology. Within the Roman world, religious practice varied enough so that one might speak of Roman religions. The cult practices of Rome extended across Italy with the rise of the Roman Empire. These religions were polytheistic, and as such are sometimes referred to as "pagan".

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Quia - List of Terms (Roman & Greek Gods Names)

These games will help you remember the names of the Greek and Roman Olympians.

Encyclopedia Mythica: Europe.

The European countries, including Norse, Celtic, and Classical mythology (Greek and Roman). It also contains the western part of Russia.

Classical Myth: Homepage

When I began to write my history I was inclined to count these legends as foolishness, but on getting as far as Arcadia I grew to hold a more thoughtful view of them, which is this. In the days of old those Greeks who were considered wise spoke their sayings not straight out but in riddles, and so the legends about Cronus I conjectured to be one sort of Greek wisdom. In matters of divinity, theref ...

Days of the week

Derivation of the names of the days of the week (French and English).

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Encyclopedia Mythica: Roman mythology

This is an encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, legends, and more. It contains over 5700 definitions of gods and goddesses, supernatural beings and legendary creatures and monsters from all over the world.

Month names

Derivation of the month names. The Romans had the same months as us. They had special names for the first day in the month (the Kalends), the seventh day (the Nones) and the fifteenth (the Ides). The Kalends belonged to Juno. The Ides belonged to Jupiter.