Sites, places and locations of roman interest in britain.

In 1994 the author began a study of the British section of a manuscript known as The Ravenna Cosmography. That section records place-names of Britain during the Roman occupation. It was determined that the original source map was marked with measured lines of latitude and longitude. Apparently quadrants (most often two degrees by one degree) were specially delineated, suggesting the existence of d ...

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The RBO website now provides information about almost every Roman settlement, fort, camp and quarry in the entire British Isles. From the initial forays of Julius Caesar into Cantium (Kent) in 55/54BC, to the beginning of the fifth century AD, when Emperor Honorius informed Britannia that she must defend herself. RBO thus covers a chronological time-span of around half a millenium.

Caerleon was the site of one of Britain's three Roman Legionary Fortresses and many believe it to be the location of King Arthur's Camelot. In 830 AD Nennius listed Cair Lion as one of Britain's 33 cities. Nowadays it's a thriving village where past and present combine to delight both visitors and residents.

The Roman Baths and Pump Room site at Bath is one of Britain%u2019s best known, most spectacular and most frequently visited ancient monuments. The state of preservation of the ancient monument is exceptional. This is partly due to simple good fortune in the way that successive developments over the past two millennia have left much of the site unscathed.

Birdoswald Roman Fort has one of the most impressive locations for a Roman Fort on Hadrian's Wall. Set on a high spur overlooking the River Irthing the views are spectacular and it becomes very clear why the Romans built a fort on the site.

In 58 BC, Julius Caesar became governor and military commander of the Roman province of Gaul, which included modern France, Belgium, and portions of Switzerland, Holland, and Germany west of the Rhine. For the next eight years, Caesar led military campaigns involving both the Roman legions and tribes in Gaul who were often competing among themselves. The story has been preserved in Caesar's accoun ...

Hadrians Wall - This site, although up and running for a few years now has been neglected over the last couple and is now undergoing a total rewrite. The site will be much more extensive and easier to use with a completely new menu system and layout. Written in PHP and database oriented it should be much simpler to keep updating. From April 2012 the site has been receiving the attention it deserv ...

Some information and thoughts on the Romans and South West Britain with illustrations of Roman military equipment