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A Biography of Gaius Julius Caesar and all major contemporaries in the Last Days of the Roman Republic

Detailed biography of the life of Julius Caesar, his wars, and his assassination in the context of the Roman Republic.

Comprehensive full-length biographies of Julius Caesar, all major contemporaries (Pompey, Sulla, Marius, Antony, Brutus, Cato, more), sections focusing on life, campaigns, legacy, and private man.

11-part succinct biography of Julius Caesar, "Roman patrician, politician, writer, reformator, general, dictator and god." Part of the Romans: Historical Persons Photo Archive.

Original articles on Caesar, index of pages on the people and events in his life and his legacy.

Summary time-line of consuls and significant political events in Caesar's life, 54-44 BC

This webpage covers Caesar's early life and the Gallic wars.

Several classical sources of modern knowledge about the historical Caesar.

A comprehensive biography on all aspects of the life of Julius Caesar.

Source biography for Caesar's life by Plutarch: from the Internet Classics Archive

Features a short biography of Caesar and information about the Gallic Wars.

History of Caesar's invasions of Britain, 55-54 BC. From Athena Review I.1.

Detailed look at the life and battles of Gaius Julius Caesar

Java-based "interview" with Julius Caesar.