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Resources for studies of Emperor Augustus Caesar and contemporaries in ancient Rome. Includes a reference source for Augustan resources on the Web.

Suetonius' near-contemporary history of Octavian, later Augustus Caesar.

Translation of Nicolaus of Damascus' ancient, original "Life of Augustus."

General overview of the life and history of Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus. Provides biographical timeline, maps and images, text of dictionary and encyclopedia entries, and selected translations from the Res Gestae and De Vita Caesarum.

Coin images and other objets d'art reflecting Roman history from Julius Caesar through the Triumvirates to Augustus Caesar. Images, scant text.

Near contemporary historical source for last years of Augustus' reign by Tacitus.

History of the disaster of Augustus' general, Varus, in the Teutoberg Forest, A.D. 9. Information concerning Augustus' legions in Germany, battle, background, bibliography. Part of the "Varus Film Project" site.

An annotated guide to online resources on the life and works of Augustus Caesar.

Essay by John Porter (University of Saskatchewan) regarding the rise of Octavian during the Triumvirate.

Index to online works of Greek historian Cassius Dio: ancient biography of Augustus is contained in Books 45-56 (see index). From Lacus Curtius site.

A brief biography of Augustus, grand-nephew of Julius Caesar.

Study of Augustus' reforms after his victory at Actium in 31 B.C. and their impact on creating the "Pax Romana."

An essay about the government and social reforms instituted by Augustus Caesar after the collapse of the Roman Republic.

Succinct biography of Livia, wife of Augustus and first Empress of Rome. From DIR.

Succinct biography of Augustus illustrated with Imperial coins from his reign.

Timeline showing the architectural contributions made to Rome by the Emperor Augustus. Some plans and drawings.

Description, illustrations of The Mausoleum of Augustus, the funerary complex in which he was buried. Quotations, descriptions from contemporary historians.

Selection of letters from Cicero on the Civil War, including assassination of Julius Caesar and the early career of Octavian, later Augustus. In English [U. Saskatchewan].