Online resources and websites providing everything to do with information about modern and historical maps of the Roman Empire.

Classical Atlas Project

The Barrington Atlas, created by the Classical Atlas Project, is a reference work of permanent value. It has an exceptionally broad appeal to everyone worldwide with an interest in ancient Greeks and Romans, the lands they penetrated, and the peoples and cultures they encountered in Europe, North Africa and Western Asia. Scholars and libraries should all find it essential, although it is not just ...

Roman Maps Project

One of the things I have been doing with my computer is creating maps of the ancient Roman Empire. It started out as a part of my daughter's homework a few years ago, I discovered that it was enjoyable, and lately have been working towards improving the maps.

The Roman Empire

This map of the Roman Empire was scanned from pages 16 & 17 of a 1925 reprint of the 1907 Atlas of Ancient and Classical Geography in the Everyman Library, published by J.M. Dent & Sons Ltd. and is, by Canadian copyright law, in the public domain, to the best of my knowledge.

Storia visiva d'Europa

High quality maps detailing parts of the roman era.