Resources and websites relating to Italian Roman Living History Groups, re-enactors and other enthusiasts, this category aims to be a comprehensive list of Italian Roman re-enactors.    

Gruppo Storico Romano

The first goal of the Gruppo Storico Romano is to be a large warm family, and those who join us are always welcome and become friends and brothers, for us all? We are a research and re-enactment group based in Rome (Italy) specialising in recreating Ancient Roman armour, weaponry and memorabilia.

Ars Dimicandi

The Federation Ars Dimicandi is an association that aim to group in Europe people who wants to learn the art of the combat in the antiquity, providing instructors in the several disciplines.?The Federation will have the scope to value, through the practice of the "ars dimicandi", the dignity and the emotional contents determinated by the direct experience of the athletic gesture, to re-discover th ...

Legio V Lucana

The reenactment group born in 1999 with the name Legio V Lucana and modified in "Cisalpina" in 2004. At the beginning of 2005 the group started the Cultural Association subscribing a new Foundation Statement. The Association groups enthusiasts of the ancient Roman culture and it is present in Italy in Milan and Turin. We promote research, experimentation and publication on the roman military histo ...

Pratoria Cohors II

Nonpolitical and non profit association seated in Torino (Italy) with members from Italy ? is one of the most important and deemed groups working in the field of the living history and re-enactment both in Italy and in the rest of Europe where these disciplines are known since many years.

Legio I Italica

Legio I Italica (Latin pronuciation: prima italica, the "Italian First") was a Roman legion levied by emperor Nero on September 22, 66 (the date is attested by an inscription). There are still records of the I Italica in the Danube border in the beginning of the 5th century. The emblem of the legion was a boar.