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Hadrians Wall - This site, although up and running for a few years now has been neglected over the last couple and is now undergoing a total rewrite. The site will be much more extensive and easier to use with a completely new menu system and layout. Written in PHP and database oriented it should be much simpler to keep updating. From April 2012 the site has been receiving the attention it deserv ...

Hadrian's Wall


Hadrian's Wall. The most spectacular of the surviving frontiers from Roman History. Not all intact of course but situated in some of the most beautiful and spectacular scenery in this country. The forts along the Wall are well worth a visit and this site will explain a lot about each one. Currently being upgraded and added to this site will be one of the most informative about Hadrian's Wall aroun ...

Ancient and Classical Architecture


Howard Partridge provides a gallery of his photographs of buildings and ruins in Rome from c.179 BC to 141 AD. Part of the Cupola Collection.