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Welcome to The Roman Empire!


The legends say Rome was founded in 753 B.C. by the brothers Romulus and Remus. They were far descendents of Aenas, one of the few Trojan survivors of the Trojan War.

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In 58 BC, Julius Caesar became governor and military commander of the Roman province of Gaul, which included modern France, Belgium, and portions of Switzerland, Holland, and Germany west of the Rhine. For the next eight years, Caesar led military campaigns involving both the Roman legions and tribes in Gaul who were often competing among themselves. The story has been preserved in Caesar's accoun ...



David Aaronovitc explores everyday life in the Roman Empire, from the emperors of ancient Rome to life in the Empire away from ancient Rome in places such as Hadrian's Wall.

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Capitolium.org - Imperial Fora Official Website - Rome, Italy


While visiting the Imperial Forum's area today, one finds oneself in front of spaces and remains of what were once piazzas, streets, and palaces 2000 years ago. Certainly, it is fascinating to know that certain rituals and activities took place in these areas, but it is difficult to imagine effectively the architectural structures. So here, we offer a computer graphic reconstruction of some of the ...