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Samuel Ball Platner's "A Topographical Dictionary of Ancient Rome" from 1929 is still a valuable resource on the monuments of ancient Rome. LacusCurtius features major parts of the work, searchable and extensively interlinked.

Rome: Ancient Sites


Virtual reconstructions of the Theatre of Marcellus and Circus Maximus.


Provides detailed information for professional archaeologists and historians, for students of Roman archaeology and history, and for interested lay-people. Maintained by the Internet Group Ostia (IGO).

Ancient Rome


Ancient Rome - a forum for contributions from interested parties updated regularly. Information on many aspects of roman life, including - trade in amphorae with Britain, internal politics, roman classes, relations between the senate, people and institutions. 3d models, images of ancient Rome. Links to other sites and newsgroups

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Kooks and Quacks of the Roman Empire: a look into the world of the gospels


We all have read the tales told of Jesus in the gospels, but few people really have a good idea of their context. Yet it is quite enlightening to examine them against the background of the time and place in which they were written, and my goal here is to help you do just that.

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The Amazing Ancient World - Premier Ancient Civilization


The PREMIER JOURNEY to The Ancient World, weaving together the Peoples of those lands and civilizations and the way they lived and - their thoughts, their hopes, their dreams, their lives.

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Ancient Vienne


The French Ministry of Culture provides a virtual visit to the Roman city: model, plans, photographs and description. Also a guide, bibliography and visitor information.

Internet Ancient History Sourcebook: Rome


The Internet Ancient History Sourcebook has expanded greatly since its creation, and now contains hundred of local files as well as links to source texts throughout the net.

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Ancient Warfare magazine


Ancient Warfare magazine is the only real paper magazine, and in full color at that, about all aspects of warfare in the Ancient World, from the earliest warfare in the Ancient Near East until the end of the Roman Empire in the west. Our focus lies on the classical Greek and Roman civilizations however.


From New Scientist, stunningly well-preserved cosmetics canister, containing a white cream, has been unearthed at the site of an ancient Roman temple in London.

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David Aaronovitc explores everyday life in the Roman Empire, from the emperors of ancient Rome to life in the Empire away from ancient Rome in places such as Hadrian's Wall.

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Cupola offers galleries of cupolas, historic architecture, art, and picturesque landscapes. Also cupola FAQ, state capitol building histories, wordplay, and Autocad resources.

Butser Ancient Farm


Butser Ancient Farm is a replica of the sort of farm which would have existed in the British Iron Age circa 300 BC. Founded in 1972, it moved to its present site at Bascomb Copse in 1992. The farm has buildings, structures, animals and crops of the kind that existed at that time. It is much more than a museum though.

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Roman Concrete Research by David Moore


This site is dedicated to understanding the beauty and longevity of construction by the Romans, especially their use of pozzolan based concrete, also known as Roman concrete. 

Classics At Oxford


Welcome to the homepage of the sub-faculties of Classical Languages and Literature and Ancient History at the University of Oxford.

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Society of Ancient Military Historians Home Page


The Society of Ancient Military Historians is an organization dedicated to the promotion of the study of warfare in the Ancient World. Members sponsor and contribute to the publication of our newsletter, Res Militares. Our leadership works with and within the American Philological Association to arrange contact between our members and within the larger academic community.



Not only for naval history buffs, but for all those who love the sea and the classics, and especially for those who, like me, are fascinated by Roman civilisation.

Ancient Roman Architecture


Great Buildings Online provides images and commentary on some of the best-known buildings of the Roman world.